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    Born Under A Bad Sign - Albert King

    Born Under A Bad Sign

    My first Blues album!  Woop woop. I haven’t done this in a while huh.  Well here’s to me doing this more often!  Let’s begin.

    Born Under A Bad Sign: Well this isn’t what you’d expect “blues” to be.  Its rhythmic and upbeat, but the lyrics are gritty.  I can see myself listening to this often.  It has repetitive but catchy lyrics.  I would put this in my Fallout playlist :)

    Crosscut Saw: Short but catchy.  The lyrics really show you how culturally different everything was.  Metaphors I would have never heard in my life, depicting a more “burly” America.  I can imagine myself listening to this.

    Kansas City: King’s rendition of Kansas City.  Very upbeat and “western.”  This entire album seems like something I’d listen to while playing Fallout or running around the Midwest.  A smooth feeling to it. 

    Oh Pretty Woman: This song is more of a Rock song, akin to Elvis.  It has the bluesy guitar, but seems like it is a step towards Rock n’ Roll.  Albert King’s voice is pretty awesome, and this song highlights it well with the hook.

    Down Don’t Bother Me: Well this is the first song that makes me awkwardly sad, which is what I always assumed blue’s  was meant to do.  He’s been down for so long, even down doesn’t bother him anymore.  Its slowly dawning on me that this is the music my mind plays whenever I think about jukeboxes in diner’s located in the midwest.  As depressing as the song is, I can’t help but snap my fingers.

    The Hunter: Blues has clearly become a precursor to RnB now.  Albert King seems to enjoy singing about women and “hunting” them.  A very catchy song.  Fast tempo compared to the other songs on the album, with King dragging out words just like on Oh Pretty Woman.  He has a pretty “country” voice.

    Funk-Shun: Apparently this track was added in 1988, 21 years after the album originally came out.  I can hear the funky guitar rifts and it works.  No lyrics to this one, but I really like the beat.

    I Almost Lost My Mind: A more gospel?ish song.  Clearly the old guy singing blues at the side of a bar type of song.  Blues where the purpose is to tell a story, in a very slow, melancholy tone.  While I wouldn’t listen to this song often, I can respect it for its musical quality.  Just not my cup of tea.

    Personal Manager: This song is adorable.  Its a much slower beat, more of a seduction song.  A stronger use of the percussion on this track, and a more stylistic playing of the guitar.  I like this song a lot overall.  Again more of what I categorized as Rock n’ Roll and not Blues.  But awesome nevertheless.

    Laundromat Blues: This song is another “ideal” blues.  Ideal in the sense that its what I’ve always considered blues to be.  Slow one line deliveries, nice rhythm and an awesome slow bass in the background, with a nice guitar interjection whenever there are no lyrics.  The piano fits in perfectly. 

    As The Years Go Passing By: The most “diverse” song on the album.  The piano and guitar complimenting each other, taking turns, in a sort of musical conversation is also awesome.  This might be my favorite track on the album.  It also seems to take more from the rock genre than from blues.

    The Very Thought Of You: A blues rendition of The Very Thought Of You is absolutely fantastic.  Albert King sings in a very “Christmas carol” tone, giving me a very “melting” sensation. 

    Overall Junction: Another added song, and the last song on the album.  It has the blues progression, and seems like a nice song to dance to.  Another jukebox track. 

    The List

    Born Under A Bad Sign
    Oh Pretty Woman
    Down Don’t Bother Me
    Personal Manager
    As The Years Go Passing By
    The very Thought Of You

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    Touch - Eurythmics


    This is my first album on this list, and first new wave album.  Of course I’ve heard Sweet dreams by Eurythmics, but that is the only song I know.

    I guess to preface, I am going to comment on each song while listening to it, then on the album as a whole.  I’m not anyone special, just a guy listening to music.  So here goes:

    Here Comes The Rain Again: Well this is a change.  This is what I would have called “crappy 80’s music” when I was younger.  I like the soft tones and synth.  Annie Lennox has a pretty fantastic voice.  It seems kind of raspy, but feminine.  I liked the lyrics.  The chorus is incredibly catchy.  On the list.

    Regrets: First thought:  Wow Annie sounds different on this track.  Much less rasp?  I guess you could say that.  She sounds good, but the annoying “haaaa”  and “woopo wooo” is getting annoying. The beat is incredibly repetitive, in an obnoxious way.  Even the minor changes are lost behind the repetition.

    Right By Your Side: A very Caribbean feeling.  I think the point is to mask depressing lyrics behind a happy beat!  I like the concept, and I feel like I’m going to get it a lot in this era of music, but it isn’t catchy enough to be on the list.

    Cold Blue: I feel like this would be in the background of those 90s workout videos.  I can just picture flashing lights and classic neon signs.  This beat is repetitive, but is catchy so it isn’t bothering me.  I just want to get up and dance around while listening to Cold Blue.  It is weird hearing Annie singing with a higher pitched voice, but I like it.  On the list.

    Who’s That Girl - Well damn.  A very different feel to this song.  Much calmer.  Even during the “Just one thing.”  Puts you in a kind of Michael Jackson mood.  Smooth is the adjective I’d give it.  I feel like I should be wearing a fedora on a foggy night trying to figure out who that girl is.  On the list.

    The First Cut: The beat totally sounds like it is out of a “Kick drugs out of your life” commercial.  A very upbeat song.  I personally like it a lot.  The beat is incredibly catchy, I can’t help but nod my head.  On the list.

    Aqua: Has a sort of, tribal feel to it.  With drums and harmonic humming.  It is a nice song, but I don’t see myself wanting to put this on often. 

    No Fear, No Hate, No Pain:As much as I want to like this song.  The “No fear, no hate, no pain, no broken hearts part is very irritating.  Annie’s voice is fantastic, but the chorus is just too obnoxious for me to enjoy the song.

    Paint a Rumor: The beginning of this song reminds me of Drop It Like Its Hot by Snoop Dogg.  The song seems to have a bunch of influences, which somehow work very well, from brass instruments to sounds of space crafts and more.  The song does very well in blending styles.  On the list.

    So what I learned today is that 80s music sounds like stuff I could have made with one of those keyboards my parents got me when I was younger with its preset sounds.  This was my first 80’s album, and I did enjoy it.  It has a very different feel compared to the music I’m use to listening to.  It seems like the mid-ground between rock and boy bands, if that makes any sense. I’m sure if I listen to more new wave, synth filled music I’ll be able to articulate better my feelings and such, so there is a chance I might listen to this album again in the future.  For my first album, it was fun and enjoyable.

    I also decided on making “The List.”  The list of songs that I like most out of all the albums I listen to. 

    The List

    Here Comes The Rain Again
    Cold Blue
    Who’s That Girl
    The First Cut
    Paint a Rumor 

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    This is the river.

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